March 24 Lent Devotional

The Peacemakers
March 24, 2021
By Pastor Lesly Broadbent

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God.

It should be carefully noted this beatitude does not say “Blessed are those who are at peace,” or “Blessed are the peaceful” or “Blessed are the peace-keepers,” or even “Blessed are the peace-lovers,” as if Jesus is saying blessedness means enjoying peace. No, this beatitude speaks of something far more heroic. “Blessed are the peace-makers.”

If a person loves peace in the wrong way that person may succeed in making trouble, not peace. We may, for example, allow a threatening or dangerous situation to develop, and our defense is that for peace’s sake we do not want to get involved. This may be loving peace or keeping peace or even being at peace, but instead it is piling up trouble for the future. Those who love peace are often those who will do anything to keep the peace, frequently refusing to face the situation and to take action that the situation demands. Read what William Barclay says about peace:

The peace the Bible calls blessed does not come from the evasion of issues; it comes from
facing them, dealing with them, and conquering them. What this beatitude demands is not
the passive acceptance of things because we are afraid of the trouble of doing anything
about them, but the active facing of things, and the making of peace, even when the way to
peace is through struggle. (The Gospel of Matthew, p. 104)

Think of a situation in which you are avoiding peace because it would take too much effort, cause too much conflict, or create too much trouble for you. What is God calling you to do in that situation? How can you actively make peace in that situation? Take the first step in making peace today. Be careful not to think that your way is the only way to peace. It just may be the other person’s perspective is God’s desire.
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