February 17 Lent Devotional

The Beatitudes 
February 17, 2021
By Pastor Lesly Broadbent

Just the name evokes mystery: Beatitudes. It’s an odd word. It’s a word not used much anymore outside of a small portion of Jesus’ teachings. But the word, by definition, simply means “a state of supreme happiness or blessedness.” We know about happiness. We know what it’s like to be “Happy, happy, happy,” to quote the great Duck Dynasty theologian Phil Robertson.

But Jesus’ statements on this supreme happiness go against what we think about happiness. We think of the poor, mourning, hungry, and persecuted as cursed, not blessed. We think of the meek, merciful, and peacemakers as religious fanatics, not as faithful.

Over the next seven weeks we will be studying the Beatitudes. Each weekday I will be emailing out a daily devotional dealing with a Beatitude that we will be exploring that Sunday. We will continue this practice until Easter Sunday. These devotionals will help us during the upcoming season of Lent to prepare our hearts for the resurrected Christ on Easter morning.

I hope you will commit to studying the Beatitudes with us as we study, pray, and worship together during this important season of the year.
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