God loves a cheerful giver!

Your donations can be for general support or for specific needs of the church.

First Church Finances

First Church strives to be fiscally responsible in carrying out our ministry all the while being faithfully generous. Your donations to First Church go to help those in need in our community and around the world as we faithfully support our mission ministries, benevolent agencies in our neighborhood, and missionaries in three different countries. 

First Church is able to carry out ministry and make a difference in the world through the generosity and financial support of its members. First Church is a non-profit organization which accepts tax deductible donations. If you would like to receive a financial commitment card, make a special donation, memorial, or endowment, or would like more information please contact the church office.


E-Giving is a convenient and reliable way to fulfill your financial commitment. E-Giving is a cost efficient method of giving to the church since it reduces administrative costs and helps maintain a predictable cash flow. To use E-Giving, simply follow the instructions below.

E-Giving is a newer way for our members and friends to quickly manage their monthly giving and/or make a quick special contribution. Giving electronically is easy, quick, secure and can be set up in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Click “Make A Donation” button above

2. Create a recurring gift or make a one-time donation

3. Create a pro­file to manage your monthly giving

It's that easy.  Thank you for your generous support of the various ministries of Oklahoma City First United Methodist Church.