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Blessed Assurance
Sharon Austin
May 25, 2021

Blessed Assurance…what is that?  And why is it desirable?
Yesterday Pastor Lesly shared the remarkable life story of Fanny Crosby, who penned the lyrics to this enduring hymn of the church a hundred and forty-eight years ago.  The theme reflects a confidence beyond our own abilities, or disabilities, allowing a joyful expression of what is possible, in fact, only possible, through the grace of Jesus.  In her verses, there is no dwelling on personal issues, just praise and gratitude.

So what does that have to do with assurance?  Well, let’s take look at the subject of insurance. What is the purpose of insurance in our daily lives?  In the realm of maintaining our financial stability in providing adequate health care for ourselves and our families, protecting our possessions from accident, theft or disaster, even providing for end-of-life care and burial, a fair number of people pay heavily for insurance to cover these future uncertainties in their lives.  And for what reason?

Personally, it is peace of mind – a state of being where, come what may in the course of normal living, we can be freed from undue anxiety about things for which we cannot plan.  We are less burdened with stress, and hopefully, able to live, build, support and contribute in our little area of time and space.  Unburdened, free, confident, encouraged, joyful……even blessed!

What does this have to do with the Lord Jesus’ blessed assurance?  Simply, he has already paid the “premium” for our life “insurance”….both in this life and for eternity.  We pay nothing!  We need only to accept his payment for a blessed assurance of his love, grace, mercy…that’s what Fanny Crosby described as “perfect submission.”  Fanny was then set free from her blindness, to confidently use the gifts God gave her in positive and exuberant ways.

I want to make this my story too – my daily story – my song of praise to my Savior, being filled with his goodness and lost in his love.  That’s quite an insurance policy….it’s blessed assurance!
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