Greg DaValt

Early childhood:  Greg was born in 1958, the same year NASA was founded.  He was certain he wanted to work for NASA so he spent his childhood in rural Wisconsin driving his parents crazy building and flying model rockets.

Mottos:  "Be Prepared" (he was a Boy Scout)

               "Head-Heart-Hands-Health" (he was a Burnett, Wisconsin, 4-H Club            member)

               "Treat every gun as if it were loaded."  He took his hunter's safety course at 12 years of age and became an avid hunter.

Nickname:  "The Kybo Monster" (he attended Methodist Church Camps in central Wisconsin every summer.

Work History:  He started working at age 15 on the maintenance staff of the local school district.  He graduated in 1976 (the Bicentennial) and headed off to college.  In 1977 he went to work for a local carpenter until 1980 when he decided to venture out on his own and started his own building business.  He was self-employed up until 2007.  He moved to Oklahoma in 2005.

Favorite Movies:  Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein; The Music Man; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Joe Versus the Volcano; Kelly's Heroes

Favorite Radio Programs:  The 50,000 watt powerhouse of WLS, Radio America; the G. Gordon Liddy Show, WXRO, The Barn Show, and NPR

Favorite TV Shows:  Lance Lot Link; Secret Chimp; The Honeymooners; Car 54 Where Are You?; Combat!

Favorite Cartoons:  Magilla Gorilla; Clifford the Big Red Dog; The Jetsons

Favorite Music Groups:  The Dukes of Dixieland; The Guess Who; Canadian Brass

Favorite Drum Corps:  The Madison Scouts and The Phantom Regiment

Favorite Books (growing up):  The Hardy Boys (original series), Have Space Suit Will Travel; and Alfred Hitchcock's The Three Investigators

Favorite Author:  Alistair McClean

Favorite Songs:  Western Omelet by Jon Faddis; Cracklin' Rose by Neil Diamond: anything by John Philips Sousa

Favorite Hymns:  It Won't Be Long Now by Ross Jutson; When the Saints Go Marching In

Favorite Bible Verse:  Isaiah 11:6

Favorite Comedians:  Red Skelton; Art Carney

First Car:  1967 Mercury Monterey, 2-door, jet black

Favorite Car:  His Z3

Pet Peeve:  When people stick the knife right in the middle of the stick of butter

Favorite Restaurants:  Burns Steakhouse in Tampa, Florida; Pizan's Eatery in Madison, Wisconsin, Park Place Pizza in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and the Mahogany Steakhouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Favorite Foods:  Cold beet soup, rib-eye steak, Coco Krispies with real cream, and hot toast with cold butter

Personal Motto:  Never shut all the doors without first leaving a window open.

Random Facts about Greg:  He doesn't hunt anymore but he enjoys ice fishing and he loves to roller skate.  He was a professional dog handler for many years and is also a piano tuner.  He taught private piano lessons to more than 50 students every week and was the principle pianist and music director for a church in Wisconsin.  Every week for ten years he conducted a seniors choir, adult and youth choirs, and the church band.  He coordinated song services and special music, but he can't sing a note--not one!

Most memorable recent event:  Meeting Donna online, doing the long distance dating thing, meeting her in person for the first time and finding out just how wonderful she is.

Biggest one-day loss of husband points:  As Donna was being rolled away for surgery he told her everything would be okay, and that all she needed to do was remember to walk toward the light.

Best part of working for First Church:  That's easy--the people!  Real people.  There is nothing phony about the people here at First Church.  There's not one person Greg has met here that he doesn't admire and respect.  He appreciates walking through the halls and feeling the history and also mingling with the members feeling a sense of serving others.

Greg says it is a pleasure coming to work every day.