Children are vital to the life of First Church.  We want our kids to know that Jesus loves them and so does our congregation.  We encourage kids to be part of our worship experience through a weekly children’s message and age appropriate activities that are fun and teach Biblical principles of love and kindness. 

We love that you trust your children to our care and we take that trust very seriously.  Below are some policies and procedures designed to let you know our guidelines to keep everyone safe.  We follow the Oklahoma United Methodist Safety Handbook entitled "Safe Sanctuaries."  We have an unwavering commitment to the safety of all our children, youth, and vulnerable adults.


    Each child must attend their own age specific class or activity.  If this is your first time to visit and would like your children to stay together, those arrangements can be made.  However, our adult to child ratio varies from class to class and each class is designed to fit the needs of that specific age group.


    Our children's area is a security locked area meaning the only open door to enter through is the main entrance door.  These doors remain locked at all times but do open from the inside, so the children can exit and are designed to automatically unlock if a fire or other emergency occurs.  The nursery area is separate from the children's area so it is not included in the lock security wing, but each door is watched by a First Church Greeter, and a member of the First Church Security Team.  


    Every teacher, volunteer, and child care worker over the age of 18 is required to complete a criminal background check before working in the nursery or children's area.  All criminal background checks are received and reviewed prior to anyone working or volunteering in the classroom.  A new criminal background check is required every two years on each person over the age of 18 regardless of years of service to First Church.


    For the safety and well being of all our children please do not send your child to participate in nursery or children's activities if the following symptoms occur: a fever that is 99 degrees or more, diarrhea, vomiting (consistent), discolored or consistent drainage from the nose or eyes, or a rash of any kind (unless doctor's note is provided).  Thank you for helping keep all of our children safe.


    A child may be checked in and out by either parent but if someone else is needing to pick up your child please notify a nursery staff member when dropping your child off.  Proper picture ID will be required from this person and children will not be released until the ID is shown.  If the child is dropped of by someone other than a parent, the child will need to be checked out by that same person unless prior arrangements have been made with staff members.  We do require that cell phone numbers be left with staff at time of drop off for children that are under 5 in case a parent is needed.